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​​​​Collaborative ​​​​​​​Process​

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Collaborative Model

There have been numerous reports and recommendations calling for family justice reform over the years, and the family justice community has tried isolated interventions to address the needs of families in separation. Many valuable initiatives and programs have been created through these efforts, however we have not been able to achieve the system-wide change that we know is needed. There is a growing understanding of the ways to create meaningful, system-wide change, and it has become very clear that this type of change must be achieved through collaboration and collective action. That is the nature of addressing complex problems.

The Reforming the Family Justice System (RFJS) initiative is organized around a collaborative alliance, which includes 10 designated sector groups, broadly representing the family justice system. The sector groups are designed to ensure all of the key actors (individuals or organizations) are involved in the initiative. They work both to actively participate in the collaborative process, and to ensure that people in their sectors are informed and involved. The goal is to eliminate siloed thinking and ensure that improvements made to the family justice system are integrated and clearly connected with the strategic direction defined by the six key areas of focus, the objectives and the guiding principles of the initiative.   We call our model the Bearspaw.

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The Leaders Circle

All of the collaborators in RFJS are participating within their sectors and in cross-sector working groups that will be tackling defined and agreed-upon social labs which will put into place and test innovative new approaches to the complex nature of the family justice system. The model promotes true collaboration, and collective decision-making based on agreed upon measures with clear and timely feedback loops.


We are committed to a collective approach. We want to stop investing in well-meaning, but isolated, incremental solutions and find a way to bring about true systemic change.

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